Intranet and Extranet Development

One of the most important things in business is clear communication. Noting can achieve this better than a custom made Intranet that serves the needs of your business needs. Our social intranets streamline your business processes in order to create a trully paperless office. Applications like staff directories, project dashboards, discussion forums, file repositories, meeting workplace, e-forms with workflows and approval, instant messages and others can make running of your organisation much easier.

We can even integrate the intranet with your Microsoft AD servers for single sign-on which is completely transparent for the end users. Integration with other proprietary systems is possible via standards like web services, various APIs, support for database like MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and similar.

After your morning espresso you can come back to the office and login to your state-of-the-art Intranet built using latest open standards and technologies. There you can share ideas with your colleagues, look at project progress or submit the request for leave to you HR department.