Website Design and Development

The first point of contact with your organisation or business online is the way your website looks. If it is not easy to use, simple, visually appealing and in-line with your brand visitors might click-away. Your brand is too valuable and your story, product or service too important to have poor representation on the biggest media nowadays - the World Wide Web. We don't use pre-made templates like some of our competitors, hence your website is always unique and designed exactly the way you want it. We may protest if you want a "watermak" on your page, but ultimately will do what you want. Our team of seasoned designers will mix old design rules with the new to create the online image you want.

Our websites are not only cool they are Tesla smart. And not only websites, but systems, applications and anything that runs inside your favourite browser. Running 24/7/365 our websites make decisions, communicate with visitors, provide feedback and promote your business, while you enjoy your espresso.

Running desktop software on your Windows computer is so last century! In case you have been sleeping for the past 10 years, most of the today's software runs in the cloud. And when we say "cloud" we mean somewhere on the Internet, outside your office. Why? Well to start with, you will never loose your data again as it is constantly backed up. You don't need hardware and servers in your office, to employ an IT support person or pay an external IT gury every month. It is perfectly safe as it can be hosted on your own server, have encrypted passwords or login and can be accessed from any location in the World.

We can custom develop any software to support your business processes like inventories, document storage, workflows, e-forms, calculators and various other databases. We can integrate your website with any internal or external system you might have, so when you are out of the office, data from your cellphone or laptop can be loaded into your office database automatically. Or even integrate it with other online services or sources of information giving you instant access to required data.

We can build custom reporting, calculations or online statements and invoices so that your clients can access their information via your website or keep you client database up-to-date. We can design and develop interactive maps that can provide in-depth location data for you or your visitors.

For that we use latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass, Bootstrap, Media Queries, Grid System, Responsive Images, jQuery, PHP and other "acronyms". And if we need to get our hands really dirty we might even dig into things like NodeJS, Laravel, Syphony, Zend, and others.

Our main focus is to create software that can make your life easier, not complicate it further!